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I am a single mother of one ICP baby. Lyliac May Walker. She was born at 36 weeks weighing 4 lbs 6 oz. Initially not knowing about ICP caused a lot of fear in me. It was a very hard road to conceive given a pre-existing heart condition and blood pressure issues. I recall the nervousness and utter fear I felt when finding out I had this condition. Remembering those sleepless nights I stayed awake just to ensure I could feel her kicking; drives me to want to educate as many women as possible.

Now having gone through this experience I tell everyone I know about Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy. Many ask how old my daughter is and mention how tiny she is; which sparks a dialogue. No, I may not know that person. In theory, that person could have a sister, daughter, mother or friend who is experiencing itchiness. And like me just passed it off as just my body stretching and adjusting to make room for little one. Or perhaps it simply being just an allergic reaction to ants. Fortunately, my doctor reached out to various MFM specialist to get her adequately acquainted with the accurate treatment for Cholestasis pregnancies.

The ICP Care 501c3 nonprofit organization has been a big help in aiding women with questions, concerns, and ultimately advice on advocating for themselves. I am a strong believer of instilling strength, knowledge, and advocacy skills in women. Being a survivor of domestic violence knowing your worth and speaking up when something is not right go hand and hand. My goal is to be a support, advocate, and continue to aid women in various stages of their journey with ICP. Thank you for reading about my ICP journey.