Pamela Durden, Maryland
Pamela Durden Family - ICP Pregnancy Story

At around eight months, I started developing itchy skin all over my body. I did not think much about it as I thought it was due to dry skin or my skin stretching due to pregnancy. When I went in for my 36-week checkup, I felt normal and ready to give birth in 4 weeks. Something in my head told me to mention my itchiness to my midwife. When I told her that I felt fine but was quite itchy, she gave me this odd look and said that she needs to run some blood work. I just assumed that is normal routine work at 36 weeks and she did not say much around my itchy skin. I wonder if it was to not scare me until she saw the blood work results. That evening, I had a gut feeling to check my blood work and was grateful my liver function test results were available fast. When I looked, my AST and ALT numbers were blown off the charts. I immediately called the hospital to express concern since I knew my medical team was home for the day. They looked at my blood work and immediately said to come into the hospital tonight as I have to give birth asap. I was in labor for 3 days and had to be medically induced due to my diagnosis. My bile acids were received after and were elevated.

I had no clue about cholestasis of pregnancy. I hear so much about preeclampsia and other pregnancy signs to watch out for but never would have thought I would have something as cholestasis. Reading about it while in the hospital was terrifying because I always think about what if I never said anything…would my daughter even be alive and healthy? After my daughter Ella was born, I searched around to learn more about ICP and found the ICP Care page on Instagram. I immediately joined the FB page, followed on IG, and wanted to share my story and help this organization to spread the word to other pregnant women to make them aware in advance since I did not have an opportunity to prepare for cholestasis. I am grateful to now have this community to lean on!

Pamela Durden


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