Myra Miracle Nze, Canada
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It had been a difficult pregnancy – with Hyperemesis Gravidarum plaguing me in the first trimester to dealing with Intraheptic Cholestatis of Pregnancy. My ICP journey began in my third trimester, itching from all parts of my body that left my partner and I confused, we immediately turned to surf the net to find some explanation while getting ready to visit the ER, that was when we first came across the term Cholestatis, The Doctor also confirmed that I had symptoms of Cholestasis of Pregnancy and ordered some blood work, which showed my bile acids at 157.4, and explained the risks of this high-risk pregnancy. It was more scary to find that I knew nobody who had gone through this and most women of color like myself would typically deal with gestational diabetes and preeclampsia but never ICP, I kept looking for any help I could find online, which led me to finding the ICP Care support group that changed my life, I was finally connected with women who had gone through and going through this condition sharing stories, experiences, advice, coping mechanisms and the importance of advocating for myself – this group that I now consider family changed my life and helped me deal with one of the most difficult phase of my life to date. I found the advice on how to cope with ICP symptoms most helpful – from soothing baths to a diet that helped manage itching went a long way to alleviate my symptoms. I was induced at 36 weeks, had a natural delivery, a 14-hour labor and had the most beautiful baby boy at 36+1. My little itch is now 1 month & 2 days old, is super healthy and growing steadily. I remain grateful to this beautiful community.


Myra - Miracle Nze Pregnant


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