Katy Kessler

Behavioral Health Specialist / Facebook Moderator

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I was misdiagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum early on in my second pregnancy. I had lost 60 lbs. and felt super ill. I then started itching and my mom told me she had had ICP in the 70s and 80s She received no treatment then and experienced a still birth at 38 weeks. She never even knew ICP caused it, though it appears it had as her placenta was very aged. I had to fight to get put on Urso and to get Bile acid testing done. I was diagnosed with a 111 bile acid level. My doctors didn’t want to up my dose of Urso, do testing twice a week or induce early. I knew I needed these things so I went to labor and delivery and demanded I be referred to a different MFM. At 35 weeks and 6 days I saw a new MFM. She agreed and ordered a delivery by 37 weeks an increased dosage of Urso and more testing twice a week. I had finally been heard. Sylvia was delivered at 37 weeks and the doctor that did the C-section showed me my placenta. It was calcified and ruptured from the cholestasis. Her exact words were, “Seeing this I am so glad you fought for early delivery. Very scary!” I hope all of you moms find the courage to advocate for your babies. I am very excited to be a part of ICP Care. This group gave me the information I needed to advocate for my baby. I hope to help other mothers advocate for their babies and help raise awareness for ICP and its recommended treatment. I am passionate about the work ICP Care does and honored to be a part of it.