Katie Mullen

Fundraising Coordinator

Unlike many of ICP Care’s volunteers, I was fortunate to have had easy, uncomplicated pregnancies, despite some early losses, and am the mother of two healthy girls. I am also the aunt of four ICP babies!

When I got pregnant with my oldest daughter, my sister-in-law soon followed suit and was pregnant with her third. Her youngest (at the time) and my oldest were born just weeks apart. We were thrilled to have the two in a large family be so close in age and for them to grow up together. A couple of years later, I was pregnant with my second daughter… and shortly after, my sister-in-law was expecting again! To have another pair together was a huge delight.

With all four of her pregnancies, my sister in law had a difficult time, to say the least. Her ICP diagnosis, medications, shots, close monitoring, and overall discomfort were hard to watch. Up until this point, though difficult, she had three healthy, happy children. In the final weeks of her fourth pregnancy, her symptoms worsened. Even though she went through this three times she, unfortunately, did not receive the appropriate care. She advocated and fought for herself on a daily bases and educated those who were supposed to guide her. Her baby boy was born still after an emergency C-section.

I could never put myself in her, or many other ICP community members shoes but I do I understand the unknown and fear that this condition can bring. Her children, family, friends and this organization and the support it came with were what my sister-in-law needed to help her get up each day. I am happy to use my professional fundraising experience to guide and support this amazing organization in any way that I can.

Contact me at Katie.Mullen@icpcare.org