Kaitlan Terry

Fundraising & Events Coordinator / Board Member


My motivation to help spread awareness about ICP to families and help save lives comes from my journey during my second pregnancy. I am a proud mother of two girls, Harper and Sutton, experiencing ICP only with my youngest. When I was 30 weeks pregnant with Sutton, we were on vacation and I thought my intense itching was due to getting a little too much sun. After a week, I realized the itching continued to persist. Scratching the insides of my legs, lower back, arms and abdomen became a nightly ritual. One of those nights, when I had been up all night crying from the pain of scratching, I decided to search the Internet for answers. The ICP Care website was the first resource I read, and I immediately called my doctor the next day. My doctor insisted how rare ICP was and although he was confident it wasn’t ICP, he agreed to test my levels. When the results came back elevated, I asked that he begin treating me as if my levels were high enough to be diagnosed and he agreed. Two weeks later, I was able to begin Urso and was officially diagnosed with ICP. I was induced at 37 weeks giving birth to my beautiful, healthy baby girl. After delivery, my symptoms continued aggressively until I was 9 months postpartum, and while milder, continue cyclically. I have had numerous tests including constant monitoring of my gallbladder and blood panels.

I earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Midway University and have a strong background in events from planning to executing to detailing. My goal is to bring education to mothers and families in hopes that more lives can be saved through our work. I credit the safe delivery of my daughter to the ICP Care website and ICP Care support groups on Facebook and will forever be thankful of the education I received.

Contact me at Kaitlan.Terry@icpcare.org