ICP Virtual Walk / Run…Top teams

The ICP second annual Virtual Walk /Run to Fight the Itch registration results are in for the top teams. ICP Community there is still time left for us to meet our goal. You can participate as this event closes August 31. We are thankful for all the ICP Community and their families participating to help spread awareness of Cholestasis of Pregnancy and raise the necessary funds to continue ICP Care 501c3 nonprofit mission.

This years new Virtual Race platform was a success! Our supporters set up teams and shared their team page link with family and friends on social media for them join or pledge to their team. We are close at $5,425 to reach our $8,000 Goal! Thank you all whom already registered, set up teams and pledged. Big shout out to our top 3 teams raising a total of $4,420. Thank you Alm Healey, Elisabeth Baylis Naff and Lia McKernan. We are grateful for your dedication to the ICP cause and our mission.

1) Team KLH

2) Hope from John Ellis

3) Team MWM

Do you want to help us meet our goal and participate or pledge to a team. Visit our dedicated Virtual Walk/Run to Fight the Itch registration site at: https://raceroster.com/events/2018/17715/virtual-icp-walkrun-to-fight-the-itch

You can share the event and encourage family and friends to show their support for your ICP cause by participating in the Virtual Walk/Run or pledge to your page. One of the biggest impacts you can make for the ICP Care community is to ask friends and family to support the Virtual Walk/Run or making a pledge donation to your page or team. Download the letter request, personalize it, or write your own request to share with your local support community. Be the first to make a pledge donation to your team to show your support for ICP Care by visiting the event Teams page.

Complete your Virtual Walk/Run or activity. You can run/walk or complete an activity of your choice inside or outside, or on a treadmill. You have the option to do your activity in one day or over several days. Are you currently pregnant and can’t manage the walk….how about making a pledge to an existing team.

You will receive your 2018 beautiful commemorative ICP medal (included in registration.) Virtual ICP Walk/Run T-shirts can be purchased at ICP Cafe Press store. All ICP Care items purchased through our ICP Cafe Press store directly benefit ICP Care. Please remember to take pictures of your Walk/Run or activity and share with your family and friends and the ICP community! Let’s continue to raise awareness for Cholestasis of Pregnancy!

ICP Care 501(c)(3) nonprofit is determined to help pregnant mothers who experience Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy and to deliver healthy babies. ICP Care’s mission is to provide patient support and education, raise public awareness, support the advancement of research and improve health care practices. ICP Care helps to connect, support, educate and empower those affected by ICP – Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy.


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