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Our Partners

Our Partners

The following individuals and business owners made significant contributions with their time donated to ICP Care. Many thanks to the our partners for helping support the mission at ICP Care.

Vance Malone – Director of the touching ICP Awareness video series for ICP Care.

Madison & Mi – Kate Armstrong contributed her expert advice for ICP Care and worked above and beyond the time contracted for the re-branding, including new tagline and website launch.

Lexia Frank Photography – Lexia Frank’s photograph is featured on the homepage of the website as well as our YouTube and Facebook Covers. The moving image of her scratched torso depicts the way most itchymoms feel about the Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy itch.

Overdale Kennel – Hilary Boyer’s ‘Agility For a Cause’ fundraiser donated 100% of proceeds to ICP Care. She hosted two ICP awareness events in 2014 as well. Hilary is an invaluable ICP Care team member since 2012, dedicating countless volunteer hours helping the cause with her profound knowledge of the condition.

Kim Viscio – Kim joined the ICP Care team in 2013 as Volunteer Marketing Manager and jumped right on board with awareness tactics and marketing strategy expertise. Her talents continue to be a contribution for all itchymoms.

Prana Vida Style – Ameila Barnes, a Yoga teacher & business owner, donated her beautiful Yoga pregnancy picture as well as others for the ICP Care website, all taken by Amelia herself. She experienced ICP in both her pregnancies & is helping to spread awareness through her Instagram account and Landon’s Legacy blog posts.

Pantel Photography – Monique Pantel breathtaking photograph of Amelia Barnes is featured on Our Mission page of the website.

Holly Michelle Photography – Holly’s emotionally moving photograph of Amelia is featured on the Support Group page of the website.