June is ICP Awareness Month

Help Us Raise Awareness During the Month of June!

June is ICP Awareness Month

The founder of ICP Care lost her first born, Jorden, on June 10, 2003. We have dedicated the entire month of June in memory of Jorden with June 10 as ICP Awareness Day. We honor each baby lost to ICP and support the mothers who have experienced this tragic loss due to Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy.

We also use the month of June to raise awareness and spread education about this high risk pregnancy condition. We are passionate about empowering every woman with ICP so she has the resources she needs to advocate for proper testing, medication and early delivery – to save her baby’s life.

How You Can Get Involved to Help

8th Annual Virtual ICP Walk/Run to Fight the Itch:

Register, create a team or join a team for this years 2024 8th Annual Virtual ICP Run/Walk to Fight the Itch! Read all the details and register here on the Events page:  8th Annual ICP Virtual Walk/Run to Fight the Itch at: Click here Your participation makes a direct impact on the lives of all women diagnosed with cholestasis during their pregnancy and we could not achieve our mission goals without your support.  

Make a Donation: to ICP Care in honor of someone you love, on behalf of an ICP mom, baby or family.

Your generous donations help our organization raise awareness and provide support to families who are touched by ICP. Please consider asking your friends and family to help support our mission. If you are a consultant or small business owner, we’d be honored if you would donate a portion of your proceeds to ICPcare.org during the month of June. DONATE NOW


Please check out our Fundraising page  or Volunteer page for ideas to spread awareness and raise funds.


iGive: Select and add ICP Care as the charity of your choice. When you shop online a portion of the proceeds, from participating retailers, will go back to us.

Visit the ICP Care Cafe Press store and encourage friends and family to purchase merchandise to help spread awareness!

Social Media:

Start a Facebook Fundraiser: It’s an easy three-step process. Follow the steps to fill out your fundraiser information including name, timeline and amount. Click “Create”.  Finally, Share your fundraising page with friends and family, who can give right on Facebook. View the how to set up Facebook Fundraiser ICP Care video.

Get Media Coverage:

Get the attention of your local newspaper or TV news station.  Reference our Media Tips document on how to get the media involved.  This will help spread ICP awareness to a broader audience.

Download our Media Letter Template and personalize it with details of your personal experience.

Health Care Newsletters Publish Patient Stories to Spread Awareness:

  • Large health care networks have a monthly health newsletter, and there is an option to provide a comment. Simply comment through the website, introduce yourself, ICP Care (and upcoming ICP Awareness Month), and your story. Ask if they might want to work with you and/or ICP Care on an article or anything to spread awareness.
  • We have provided this useful template if you choose to reach out to your own health care networks. Email us at info@icpcare.org
  • ICP Moms have received responses and were interested in doing a patient story highlighting their experience.
  • You can also check the website to see if they also have a newsletter, and most do! They have an option to submit patient stories

Join the Patient Registry

Join the ICP Care Patient Registry to aid research in Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy to improve future management. Since ICP is a rare disease, the more participants who share their pregnancy journey, the more we can learn to improve care, treatment and support.

June ICP Awareness Month Image

We’ve created an ICP June Awareness Month banner you can share and use on your social media posts to help raise awareness.

ICP Awareness month banner

*Right click the image and save to your computer or phone to use on your post.