Erika’s ICP Story
Erika's Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy Story Baby ICP Care

The ICP Care website and support group on Facebook was absolutely wonderful to have. It made me feel less alone knowing that there are other women out there who know and understand exactly how you feel, and know every fear and discomfort you feel. An Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP) is far from easy, but knowing these women are here for you, a total stranger makes it a little easier.

I had a pretty normal pregnancy, up until about 21 weeks, when one morning I woke up with an unbearable itch all over my body. I made an appointment with my doctor, the next day he did labs on my liver panel and bile acids. The Liver panel came back elevated and bile acids results were at 168. My bile acids never were under 100, which always had my doctor very concerned and ready to deliver my baby at any time. From then on, I was monitored starting at 28 weeks with repeat bile acids and LFT blood work, 2X a week with Non-Stress Tests (NST) and Bio Physical Profiles (BPP) to check on my baby at the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist (MFM). I had 2 rounds of steroid shots, with the 1st round being at 29 weeks and the 2nd was at 34 weeks.

She always looked phenomenal, growing healthy. Upon my scheduled c-section at 36 weeks, everything went smoothly and my placenta came out bright yellow. After birth, she thrived- not needing any intervention, she was had no jaundice and normal low blood sugar. We took her home two days later and she’s everything we needed to complete our family. A precious, beautiful, rainbow baby I prayed for! The itch is absolutely miserable, but I’d go through every single itch again to have my sweet girl.

Please if you have any type of itch that doesn’t go away or does not present itself with a rash while pregnant, go request blood work. It could save your baby’s life!

Erika and baby ICP Story


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