Emily Herbert

Board Member


I am the mom of two “itchy babies” and experienced cholestasis during both of my pregnancies. With my first daughter, I was recovering from influenza when all of a sudden I experienced severe itching of my feet, fingers, and scalp. I felt like I was crazy when I kept asking my husband to look for a rash or sign of allergic reaction and there was nothing. The itch kept me awake all night and was miserable all day. After 4 days of itching, I had my appointment with my OB and when I mentioned it to the OB she said there was no way, that I didn’t fit the typical characteristics but would test me to put my mind at ease. Sure enough, ten days later, my bile acid levels were 89. Because of the position of my placenta, I was unable to feel any fetal movement at all. Due to the cholestasis and lack of fetal movement, I had daily non-stress tests with twice weekly biophysical profiles and meetings with my maternal fetal specialist. I was admitted twice and finally delivered at 36 weeks. With my second child, I started having symptoms of severe itching of my fingers and hands almost immediately but did not have positive bile acids until at almost 32 weeks. One OB diagnosed me and started treating with the intent to deliver at 37 weeks and another decided that I did not have cholestasis and wanted to repeat labs. We experienced back and forth diagnosis and treatment plan changes until 36 weeks when I was able to meet with the OB that would be delivering and we decided upon delivery at 37 weeks. I was very fortunate that both of my girls were healthy and did not need NICU time.

I also feel very fortunate to have discovered ICP Care just before my diagnosis with ICP during my first pregnancy. Through Facebook groups I was able to find the support that I desperately needed to cope with this scary complication. I was also able to find valuable research and information that I utilized to advocate for myself and my children. I am grateful for the resources that I found through ICP Care.

I am very excited to be able to help spread knowledge on ICP and provide both education and support to women. As a nurse and a nurse practitioner, it is my passion to help education others on health and healthcare and as a mom, I am very passionate about sharing my story with ICP.