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Donna Benevides Board of Directors of ICP Care
Donna Benavides

Founder / Board Chair

Donna Benevides Board of Directors of ICP Care

Founder / Board Chair

Donna Benavides

I am passionate about helping all of those affected by ICP. It’s so important to spread the word, share the most accurate and up to date information and to provide emotional support, so that those affected by ICP know they are not alone in this experience.

I am a Mother who experienced Cholestasis of Pregnancy and am now blessed with two healthy children Branden & Evan and angel baby Jorden. My time is dedicated to my family, work and my passion to raise awareness. I founded ICP Care in an effort to continue to improve general awareness and to bring additional awareness to the medical community.

The journey through ICP began with my first pregnancy in 2003 with my son Jorden. My pregnancy was wonderful until my 33 week when I began with itchy symptoms. Please read My Life-Changing Experience with Cholestasis of Pregnancy story originally posted on What to Expect.

Through the Itchy Moms Support group, I received comfort, and reassurance from those that experienced ICP and others that lost their babies to the condition. After living through the sorrow of my loss, my prayers were answered with my second pregnancy in 2004, with my son Branden. My new healthcare providers specialized in high risk pregnancies. The Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists were excellent with the best medical management, treatment and care. I will always remember the joy of bringing my sweet son home with our family. It is one of the memories I hold dear in my heart.

Subsequently, my blessings continued in 2006 with my surprise baby, Evan. I was diagnosed with Cholestasis of Pregnancy at 33 weeks, although I thought perhaps, the condition may skip my third pregnancy. I am blessed and truly cherish the special moments of time with my loves, each of my three sons. They have brought peace and joy to my life.

With all the life changing events that unfolded, I had a true yearning to help and reach others whose lives are affected by Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy. In 2008, I became owner of itchymoms.com after years of being involved in the yahoo itchymoms support group communicating with the community affected by Cholestasis of Pregnancy. My passion to continue to make a difference for all those affected and the journeys in my life, put me on this path to support and advocate for anyone searching for answers. In April 2012, I founded the nonprofit ICP Care.

ICP Care has a Medical Advisory Committee of Healthcare specialist. The information on this website was gathered from medical articles & references you can review on the Medical Articles & Reference page of the website. In addition to this, we offer a community that connects with others who have experience with Cholestasis of Pregnancy, stories of personal experience, books and product recommendations that are the most helpful. The ICP Care website is a guide for you to utilize to help you and your healthcare provider understand and learn more about the high risk pregnancy condition Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy.

There is a definite need to assist in the awareness of ICP as well as aiding others to seek the proper medical treatment that is vital for health care specialists caring for women with Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy. My goals continue by networking with those affected by the condition, researchers and medical healthcare specialists throughout the world. With your help together we can all make a real difference to Fight the Itch. Save a Life.

Please contact me at donna@icpcare.org (Hablo español tambien escríbame)

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