Ashley Mitchell

Canada Facebook Moderator


I am a mama of two healthy itchy babies, Mason and Liam, and two early angels. I am so thankful for the ICP organization and support groups for the continued support and information provided to me so I was able to navigate through my diagnosis and advocate for myself and my babies.

Like many other mamas my first pregnancy went undiagnosed. Looking back my husband remembered me being in pain and itching during my first sons pregnancy and this was something I didn’t even realize until I looked back on it during my next pregnancy. But I thankfully delivery a healthy 6lb 12oz 20.5 inch little boy at 39 weeks. This was due to an aged placenta, no amniotic fluid and fetal distress/ low movement. I followed my mama intuition when I felt like something was wrong at my 39th week and I’m so thankful I did.
When I became pregnant and diagnosed in our second pregnancy we found out I likely had ICP with our first. Our OB looked back at my delivery and pregnancy and said he believed I went undiagnosed.

My second itchy pregnancy I started having symptoms at 15 weeks. At this point I was still unaware of Cholestasis of pregnancy. I had heard of it briefly in my Doula profession but was still very unaware of it. When I contacted my midwife at 18 weeks because I was experiencing severe itching on my chins for weeks which didn’t seem right to me, she sent me to an OB right away. She didn’t believe it could be Cholestasis because I was only 18 weeks but she wanted to be safe and sent me to an OB just in case. After ruling out other conditions first I was then tested and diagnosed with ICP at 20 weeks. My OB and midwife both told me that in their 35+ years in practicing they had never seen a mother diagnosed as early as I was. To some extent they didn’t know what to do with me at first. But I was very lucky that with their openness to listen we combined what they knew and what I knew, and I received wonderful and proper care for me and my baby. My OB was very proactive with medication, monitoring and early delivery and with that correct treatment and care I delivered our second healthy little itchy boy at 36 weeks 6days. 7lb 3oz and 21inches. (He would have been a big boy at 40w!)

With all the ups and downs, the emotional stress, a crazy list of symptoms and the scary but supported ride I went through, I am now on the other side and every itch was worth it.

By bringing in my background as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, a teacher and my experience and knowledge with ICP, I am proud to be a part of the ICP organization supporting the other mamas and families who are also along for this journey. I am dedicated to providing the proper information and non-bias support for the itchy mama community.