Angel Smith, South Carolina

I started experiencing itching at 30 weeks with my second pregnancy. At the time I experienced the symptoms, I also was waiting back for results for gestational diabetes. From doing an online search, I saw that Cholestasis of Pregnancy may be a possible cause of the symptoms. At my next OB appt, they had a lot to cover due to me being diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Despite this I made sure that I asked to get labs to be tested for ICP. I found out about two weeks later that I was diagnosed with Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy. I joined the ICP Care Facebook support group at that time. The posts and information from the ICP Care website were very useful. It helped me see the treatment plans for other women with the condition. It also helped give me hope and solace on what can be a very stressful thing to endure during pregnancy.

I was grateful to receive care in a hospital that is very familiar with Cholestasis of Pregnancy and they had a good plan in place. This was especially helpful when I went into preterm labor and they were able to stall the labor. There were some times where a few staff minimized ICP and some took it very seriously. Since I was informed from the ICP Care website about the risks, I continued to advocate to be monitored and to stay on the plan of the baby being born at 37 weeks. Gratefully my baby was born without complications during or after birth due to the ICP. The support and information that I received from the site really did comfort me with feeling less anxious each day during the pregnancy and knowing the importance of monitoring until birth. I will spread the word about ICP and this organization to any women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant since I know that it can be lifesaving.


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